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I am a riding instructor and horse trainer. About five months ago I was jumping a horse and he lost his footing landing from a jump. The 1200 lb. horse's legs slipped out from under him and we both fell to the ground. I was immediately taken to the hospital because I was unconscious and had smacked the left side of my head extremely hard.

I can only remember back to one week after the accident. I had no broken bones, no scratches nor any pain whatsoever. I did suffer some serious injuries to my brain and nervous system. Walking, talking and coordinating my muscles on my left side have come back very slowly. My balance, speech and fine motor skills are still not at 100%. In addition to this muscle control issue, I have experienced a constant buzzing or tingling in my head.

This is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome. Everyday since the accident I would wake-up praying that when I stood up my head would feel "clear" or "normal". The best way to describe this fuzzy feeling to someone who hasn't experienced it is that my head felt like your arm feels when you hit your funny bone.

I went to physical and speech therapy for a while which barely made a difference at all. My husband gave me a much more aggressive workout schedule, which quickly re-built my strength. He encouraged me to go beyond what I believed I was capable of. After months of very hard work I am now physically stronger than I was before the accident yet I still could not get rid of the fuzzy feeling head.

Doctors only offered that "time will help this condition" and "there’s no guarantee you will return to what you consider normal". This was not very encouraging. I want to be able to ride, teach and at the least be able to drive again!

I told my brother of the progress I was making. He had been a long time advocate of chiropractic care. He sees Dr. Lloyd, D.C. approximately three times a week. He has always claimed he feels much better physically and that he no longer suffers from life long asthma. He suggested I see Dr. Lloyd, D.C..

I agreed to go see him, mostly because I was so desperate for some glimmer of hope. I have always been skeptical of chiropractors and since I felt I had no physical back injury I couldn't see how it could help. My brother and Dr. Lloyd, D.C. discussed this and they both felt it would be advantages for me to be seen. So I changed my attitude and decided to give it a try.

Literally within days of my first adjustment, my completely overwhelming feeling of fuzziness began to subside. I continued adjustments for a couple of months. I am now able to drive, handle everyday life as a parent of three children, teach lessons and I have recently bean riding again.

Things were all progressing in a positive direction until I thought I could skip a week. When I did let several (10) days lapse between adjustments the fuzzy feeling crept back along with chronic fatigue. Immediately I went in to get back on a regular adjustment schedule. Within a couple days the fog subsided again and my energy level went up considerably.

I will never doubt the advantage of chiropractic care again. My feeling is that it allows my nervous system to work properly. I believe that it is the most important thing to good health. I would have gladly taken a broken limb over the condition I am finally coming out of. However, I do not believe I would be where I am in my recovery if it was not for my brother and Dr. Lloyd, D.C.'s help. I feel like I am getting the life I want back.

Many of my friends were saying “why do you need a chiro if you didn’t hurt your back?" I tried to explain what Dr. Lloyd, D.C. told me "you have to make sure you give your nervous system an optimum environment to be able to help your body heal itself". Now my friends are saying "that’s amazing!"

I like to think of myself as an athlete. Basically, that was taken away from me. My husband, my brother and Dr. Lloyd, D.C. gave me that back and I am eternally grateful.

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